I'm Igor

Currently, I work for Nike.com as a payment specialist (previously a consumer services representative). Working for one of the biggest sport companies has helped me to deeply understand consumer needs in the Dutch, French, British, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Greek markets, paying strong attention to details and solving the most difficult problems to make consumers feel satisfied and cared for. 

I believe that my consumer service experience, personality and self-taught graphic skills are a perfect combination for becoming a good UX designer. Solving problems by giving the right solutions, future thinking, understanding consumer needs and intuition are essential to create user-friendly and amazing UX projects. My goal as a designer is to create useful, usable, and delightful projects that have a positive impact on people’s lives. 





What movies me?




Understanding others’ experience by active listening, observation and being open-minded to other people’s opinions.


Being curious about the tiniest details not only helps to shape the context of the problem which we are trying to solve, but also helps to design a final, great product that we can be proud of.


I try not to get attached to thoughts and ideas and I respond quickly in any situation.


I always try to inspire people and show them new ideas and look at the problem from a different angle.



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